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Why Are The Homes in Spring Hill Florida Disappearing?

Have you heard Elgin Boulevard (located in Spring Hill Florida) is being widened from Mariner Blvd East to Village Van Gogh.  The homes on the North side of Elgin Blvd. are either being moved or demolished to make room for the new widened highway to accommodate the increased traffic flow in that immediate area.

Every day after I take my kids to school at Challenger K8, I drive past the homes on Elgin Blvd. and see them disappearing one by one and I wonder where are they moving them to?  The homes are being unearthed and moved to other areas in Spring Hill, Brooksville and Crystal River.  Taylor Bingham was one of the winning bids at $1 per home and has A-Team Structural Moving Engineers hauling them to their new location in Citrus County.  By law, they have to do this at night with a law enforcement escort and takes approximately 4 hours at a cost of $30-$35,000.  Taylor Bingham plans on renovating the homes once they reach their destination before renting them out.

Atlas LLC purchased 8 of the remaining homes at $1 per home and plans to relocate them locally and put them up for sale.  Many of the remaining homes will be demolished in making way for the widening. 

The widening could begin sometime this year if all goes well.  If you are in the area of Elgin Blvd, take a drive by and see this amazing transition.   Spring Hill is located in Hernando County on the Central West Coast of Florida.  Many new businesses here and the VERY affordable home prices are attracting many buyers looking for that special place to call "home".

Have a great night and enjoy!
Julie Ludovico & Elsie Kempsey
Team TropicHernando
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Published Tuesday, March 23, 2010 10:07 AM by Julie Ludovico & Elsie Kempsey

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