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Some Foreclosures Being Stalled

There was a homeowner being foreclosed on in West Palm Beach and the homeowner was fighting it.  Due to his lawsuit, it may cause the government to look at the state law.

Roman Pino was being foreclosed upon and the bank's attorney, David J. Stern, which is being investiaged for filing fraudulent documents, did not file these foreclosure documents properly.  The Appeals Court rquested the Florida Supreme Court to consider this matter of "great public importance", as there is evidence of fraud by many lenders, mortgage servicers and law firms in the way documents were prepared and filed.

The Appeals Court stated "we conclude that this is a question of great public importance, as many, many foreclosures appear tainted with suspect documents".    It seems that attorneys who were diluged by foreclosure documents, and were looking at just making the "big bucks" were sloppy and might have been fraudulent in the way they prepared these foreclosure documents.

During the "big boom", there were evidently fraudulent mortgages and sloppy paperwork and, unfortunately, the homeowners are the ones suffering now.  If you are a victim of a potential foreclosure, have an attorney look at the paperwork.

Julie and I are realtors in Hernando County which covers Spring Hill, Brooksville and Weeki Wachee and we have seen quite our share of foreclosures here.  I wonder how many were actually legitimate.

We will always keep you posted.

Have a great day and enjoy and remember if you are looking to list your home (short sale, regular sale) or looking to purchase that dream home, we ar here for you!

Elsie Kempsey & Julie Ludovico

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Published Friday, February 4, 2011 9:32 AM by Julie Ludovico & Elsie Kempsey

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